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Recipes for managers,
Recipes for coaching

The starting point for our book and for the training courses we offer is that we think every manager should learn how to coach. When you as a manager do not learn how to coach, you soon will find out there will be nothing more to manage!

In organizations where change has become daily business, where flexibilization of labour is increasing and where employees want attention for their personal development, coaching managers will be helpful. Managers who do not only manage, but also are able to make real contact, ask the right questions and are listening in a way that they contribute to the development of talent. Unfortunately most managers have not been trained to coach, where they would like to start directly and in a practical way.

That’s where Recipes for coaching can provide in the need. It is just like baking an apple pie: follow the recipe and in the end you will have your pie (your coaching session). And the more you practise, the better the result will be. No difficult theories, but a synoptic model including accessory recipes, which allows you to start right away.

Doing it this way the knowledge of being a coach is provided to you as a manager without you having to study for hours. The only thing asked from you is that you learn to play with the recipes and to give these your own swirl, that fits the person you’re talking with.

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Do the test. For the coachee and for the coach.

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