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A vision on coaching:

Coaching provides understanding, an outlook and finally an overview

Our vision on coaching is that coaching is an effective way to get people in action. Action to an aimed goal. This is necessary because the way to that goal has been disturbed because of frictions or changes, or because of the fact that the goal is not clear. Action despite the fact it goes well, because you think it could be better. Coaching helps to become free again. And, it is an effective way to have a good look in the mirror once in a while.

A vision on the effectiveness of coaching:

“Nice you were here, but what are you going to do with it now?”

For us effectiveness is the starting point of a coaching traject. Each coaching traject has a clear described goal and after each session concrete and useful appointments are made. At the beginning of each following session it is discussed what the coachee has practised from what has been learned from the last session. Being demanding is a condition to determine the effectiveness. Successful coaching means that we strive for the goal desired.

A vision on internal coaches:

“Internal coaches keep the organization on the right course.”

We believe in the added value of internal coaches. They know the organization, its structure and culture and the used techniques and they often have the right contacts. Because of this knowledge an internal coach more easily makes contact with a coachee. He knows “the language” of the organization and, with regard to practical appointments, he can quickly help a coachee. This saves time and money and often is more effective than hiring an external coach. Besides, these internal coaches integrate their knowledge and skills in coaching in their daily job as manager or professional and thus brings a culture of addressing and development in the organization.